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Story of the Kiss, Vienna

Outdoor game for escape room enthusiasts in Vienna. Find clues, solve puzzles and finish the Story of the Kiss to get your reward.

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Brand: EscapeHouse
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Once upon a time in the night, Gustav was painting as usually. Suddenly he realized: "I need an inspiration, that will last for centuries". After he went to sleep, his mind kept on rolling. In the morning he had it: "It has to be a kiss!" Now he has to go out and find the right one. Help him to find it.


The game is suitable for families with children, group of friends


Necessary equipment:

Everything you need you'll find in the game package.

The starting place:

Stephansplatz - in front of St. Stephen's Cathedral


walking / cycling, length of the journey is 3km (about 2,5 hours)

Contents of the game package:

  • special map of Vienna
  • illustrated story
  • puzzles
  • 2 code locks
  • reward for the successful

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