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Escape Room for You

Escape Room / Treasure Hunt
- tailor-made for a celebration or party for indoor and outdoor spaces
- different difficulty levels: Easy - Medium (choose by age and number of players)
- the game is an excellent accompanying program for a family celebration, children's party, team building ...

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Brand: EscapeHouse

You choose the date, you should place your game order at least 3 weeks in advance

We use chests, locks, paintings, drawings and photos for the game…
- in each chest the players will find envelopes with new tasks that lead the players to the treasure

How the game is prepared and played
- the customer takes pictures of the game areas and gives us specifications of the game space
- EscapeHouse will design the game play according to the requirements (for specified duration and age of the players)
- EscapeHouse will send everything needed for the game to the customer (props, tasks and instructions for the game master)
- the customer places the props in the space of the game according to the instructions (instructions serve also to the game as a manual for giving the players hints if needed)

EscapHouse -outdoor games for exploring new places with an adventure.

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