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7towns - Bratislava

Visit the most beautiful places in Bratislava and play a game. Search for Sam's lost brother and open your reward.

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The story of a boy who went out to the world to look for his brother. It began in the Carpathians and continues in the streets of Bratislava. Sam, the hero of this story searches the streets and squares to find out more about the secret of his brother's hiding place and maybe even meet the princess.

Take a walk around Bratislava and find out how Sam's story will turn out, taking place on the fictional island of Bratislava in the middle of the dark blue sea. It won't be easy, the story is securely locked (with a code lock ) and in order to get inside it, you have to overcome the pitfalls of Bratislava's streets and squares.

The game is suitable for families with children and friends

Necessary equipment
Bring comfortable sports clothes and shoes for the outdoors. If there's a chance of rain, bring something rainproof. You get everything else in the package with the game.

The place
Bratislava old town

After purchasing the package with the game, you determine the date of the game yourself. You can also solve the game by the street lights at night.

During the game you will move on foot (the game can also be completed by bicycle)
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